Thursday, June 13, 2013 : Cleanest & powerful comparison tool for your gadgets

People got all their decision into the internet face for investing their moneys on every electronics purchase. Hence the reason behind internet look out is for compare between items of same range in their budget. There are popular indices available i.e. online shopping sites for better comparison between gadgets. But still there are many problems available in store like: The most popular gadget may not be available in your country but you think that the review says in the website it is available, so your product range expels and the comparison got no value unless you dig more  on other online shopkeepers. For better result keep apart your price list, first of all check the product specification & overall idea will be a clear-shot product range. 
So the process starts with the target finding & lunch comparison.
It matters through brand, budget, features, portability etc. So you can't keep up all the things in your mind to compare the items. Hence so many popular online shopkeepers started 'compare list' like features.
  • But this exclusive post is for you people to clear the minds and make you click free and eyeball jammed together. The most cleanest & simplest comparison online tool is hiding within us i.e.; you can compare any of these following gadgets from the most popular brands 
MP3 players, PC and gaming headsets, camcorders, cameras, cities, combo washer dryers, e-readers, headphones, mobile phone headsets, mobile phones, monitors, projectors, scanners, speakers, tablets, televisions, tumble dryers, voice recorders, washing machines

This tool will provide you the upper-hand of the comparative indents through 'Go for reasons' in numbers. It will ensure your product through clearly visible resizable images of the compared products in the sub-way.
The site has been approved through popular sites like TNB (The Next Web), lifeHacker, Techcrunch.
Check some of the tablet comparison screenshots below:

Hope our visitors will make some profit out of it ....thanks
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Torch: Download your torrent files within the browser

Torch: a Chromium based browser
From the ocean of piracy, we draw so many files everyday for various purposes. But after selecting the torrent file it is not easy as downloading a meta-link through any download manager. Hence it requires a torrent client to be satisfied. Every time you use public computers it is not allowed to install clients over there.
This post will surely make you happy after finishing it up.
There is chromium based browser named as Torch. Available free as it is  a open source project. Torch  itself is a custom made unique flavored browser which enables torrent client within its body (Go to the screenshot). Features available in Torch
  • Power user of torrent client
  • Captures online streaming (Music & Video files)
  • Receives both magnet link as well as .torrent files
  • The downloading interface is quite friendly
  • Advanced tweaks can be manipulated as changing the priority level of files, no. of connection
  • The speed is as good as u torrent
  • Supports all the chrome extensions
All purpose browser which can be used both as torrent client & an advanced browser. Supports all the features which are been supported by Google Chrome. But one need to start up the browser which is not an issue for general torrent client.

Get your torch browser here. You can download it from an offline installer also here
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get all the minute to minute update from


We all search for anything new everyday, or getting updated of anything usual before. Hence waste much more time having searching them & at last there few times remain for read out them & almost no time in hand to capture them.
 Here Feedly the very good alternative to Google Reader will help us out by feeding us every update from the most popular & most pirated torrent site known as; as this torrent site has been declared as serving the most piracy than any other torrent sites till 2012.
  • First get the feedly app in browser which most preferred by you as it is all available for the famous browsers
  • The only thing you have to do is type exactly "thepiratebay" in the search box of feedly app
  • And then subscribe it
  • Everytime you get on to the internet stream check the updates that which files have been recently uploaded

No way you will suffice your eye that much of updation ..have fun friends busy..
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Remove guest session from UBUNTU

Remove guest session from login screen
Many times we prefer more personal with our ubuntu computers. Also there are required situation which needs to be disabled the guest session which has given by default. In windows we have to switch on the guest account or have to create it but it is been by default in ubuntu. Hence this simple read-out will help you to disable the guest session.

Open the terminal and paste the below line

sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

When the file will open make some edit there, add this particular  line at the end of the text file


Enjoy it all !!
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Cloud downloading of torrent files through

cloud downloading of torrent files
This post will guide you for the downloading of torrent files through cloud. As the ocean of resources are torrent sites we often go visit for our files there, but it is not that easier to get downloaded those files as it depends upon various factors. And the most annoying is in public computers where our files are not cared. 
Let all the burdens being carried by these phenomenal site known as ; previously there was another popular site  as which has been shut down. And after lot a manipulating research I drained to a conclusion and here declaring as the best among all.
Though there are still a lot of limitation are there; among them the 1GB limitation for 1 day is the greatest. But  it will stick to its performance always which is not guaranteed by others like boxopus, zbigz,, Quicktorrent. 
How to feed

  • Login first then search for your file in a torrent site 
  • Most preferable sites are,,
  • Go to the add new files button
  • Copy the magnet link of the particular torrent and paste over it

That's all
If you are lucky you will get the files immediately & sometimes have to wait as the health of the torrent is not so good. 
The best thing is that you once feed then leave it, automatically it will produce you a metalink which can be downloaded through any download manager. 
Also you can access unlimited plans by getting an premium account.
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